Covering Your Tech Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

At VGM Forbin, our customers come first, and we know it’s the same for community banks and credit unions. That’s why we’re offering secure products to keep your customers informed and your staff connected from home. We also provide a quick turnaround once you sign up.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Same-day turnaround

Send an email to every contact on your list to let them know what actions you’re taking throughout this crisis. You provide the email list and what you want to say, we’ll take care of the rest.

Branded Email

Email performance sent straight to you

Stay Connected with Your Staff

Many banks have closed their lobbies to the general public, but that doesn’t mean your employees can’t be productive from home. Select any of these discounted products that will equip staff members with internal and external communication.

Keep customer information secure while your staff works from home. With Continuum, your staff can remote into their desktop from a home laptop without compromising security.

The VGM Forbin team will setup your organization to start working remote within a matter of hours with capabilities to setup two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

RingCentral Meetings App Icon
RingCentral phone app icon

The RingCentral Phone app

Team meetings from from anywhere!

RingCentral allows you to schedule video chats and conference calls. With desktop and mobile apps, employees can utilize their laptop or phones for any meeting. 

will forward business phone numbers to an employee’s personal phone so they can receive calls from customers and coworkers. The app will even store contacts from everyone at the bank so there’s no need to swap numbers before heading home to work. 

The VGM Forbin team operates in the office and from home with RingCentral, and we are here to get you the best price during this crisis as well as set up your entire team as quickly as possible.

With a suite of Microsoft products all in one place, there’s no need to fax files back and forth while employees work from home. Collaborate online with shared folders, documents, PowerPoint presentations and more.

With the high volume of requests coming into financial institutions for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Forbin developed a web version of the PPP SBA Application built with electronic signature functionality that can be quickly added to any bank or credit union website. All submitted applications will remain securely stored within the site, available for download by approved employees.

Get Started

Fill out this form to get started with any of these services. One of our expert team members will reach out to assist you. And after you sign up, we can set your staff up with this suite of remote capabilities within a matter of days.

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